How It Works

How its Work

The Construction industry is passing through a tough Boulevard at this point of time in search of a marketplace proactively, to hop on to the Global bandwagon. InfraTech is a breakthrough B2B aggregating marketplace where we are passionately striving to deliver a comprehensive revolution in the construction industry by chanellising the subcontracting of works. We introduce technology systematic intelligence that automates the outsourcing process, using our proprietary algorithm offering multiple choices of manufacturers and/ or contractors to execute construction works. This platform gives ease of outsourcing business, economies of scale, quality work at competitive rates and timely delivery.

We aim to deliver much required tailor made Tech enabled innovative & exclusive digital Ecosystem for construction works outsourcing. We just don’t deliver manufactured products and work services; we deliver satisfying experiences. Our objective is to provide all construction manufacturing products and services from a vision with objective i.e. starting from project planning & designing to a Goal completed i.e. till the completion of the construction project. We consider the project completed when we receive the completion certificate in hand.





Clients enjoy ‘Ease of businesses’ by outsourcing end to end Construction works through a Reliable platform in the most convenient way. Our robust tech enabled marketplace helps them increase their reach, revenue, profits, efficiency & productivity. Their investment in digitalization & highly diversified SaaS module makes their outsourcing execution- Data driven & Intelligent and helps them achieve new heights smartly & efficiently.


  1. One stop Tech-Powered joint for hassle free online Outsourcing of all construction works digitally, No more dependency on multiple manufacturing partners & contractors.
  2. This advance marketplace sublets all stages of construction works: From Feasibility reports to Design engineering to Site construction execution works.
  3. Aggregated demand from multiple projects of the platform builds negotiation muscle power to get competitive rates from market, thus benefiting all clients.
  4. Our Tech enabled Innovative supply chain with National reach offers unmatched time and cost saving.
  5. Latest technology like A.I, Machine learning, Data planning & Analytics ensure Sequential dispatches matching the phase wise requirement of the project, Reducing project over run capital investments due to non-sequential purchases.
  6. We work with the latest Codes, and Environmental standards to deliver pre vetted & quality audited designs, drawings & BOQ’s to dispatch best of the quality, Scale & productive products/ output.
  7. Best of the brains & tools of Infra construction industry works on complete your project efficiently, No longer on the expense of Quality & sustainability.
  8. Highest level of Convenience, Trust, Commitment, Reliability and Transparency
  9. Regular Real-time updates on important Alerts, Notifications & MIS reports.
  10. Gives ample free time to sit back & monitor your project and make better decisions of your core business.
They can have transparent access to:
  1. Real-time project tracking & updates
  2. Delivery Schedules & reports
  3. Work Order management (Bifurcation)
  4. Project Planning
  5. Material procurement status
  6. Production status
  7. Dispatch tracking
  8. Erection progress
  9. Stage wise photos
  10. Shipment documents
  11. Tax compliances
  12. Quality assurance plans
  13. Inspection reports
  14. Detailed MIS reports of every work stage

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Re- Inventing Construction Industry with Comprehensive revolution in the Construction Works Outsourcing ecosystem


To be the largest global Global B2B aggregating marketplace to outsource construction works digitally with Innovative supply chain & SaaS to deliver mass productions at competitive costs, improved quality with on-time delivery.


To create an ecosystem of blockchain technology that reforms the construction industry with digital first, make in India, born in the cloud, Global manufacturing, Outsourcing Infra construction works. .

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