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Why should I read this?

This Website ( uses Cookies to personalize your user experience and provide you uninterrupted services and to run the website smoothly with upmost safety & security. When you use this Website, some information related to how you use this Website is automatically collected through Cookies. Hence it's good if you can read this and take an informed decision to use this Website.

What are Cookies and what do they do?

To provide a customized experience and remember the preference while you use this Website, the servers of this Website needs to uniquely identify you as you only. To do this, when you use this Website, a small text file with a string of characters is placed on your device. These small text files are called Cookies. When you use the Website next time these Cookies are sent by your browser to our servers and the servers then identify your device and respond to the request accordingly.

What are the types of Cookies used in this website?

This website uses the following Cookies

  • Session Cookies - Session cookies are temporary cookies, which are created every time you use this Website and are deleted by your browser when the browser is closed. They are required to remember your preference when you move from one page to another, so that you don’t have to provide the same information again and again for each different page. More about session cookies More about session cookies.
  • Persistent Cookies - Helps this Website to identify and remember your settings and preferences whenever you visit, resulting in faster and more convenient access for example you don’t have to login again every time you visit (unless you log out). Apart from this these cookies also help to personalize your experience.
  • Third Party Cookies - Some components of this website are provided by third parties and for functioning of their services, these third parties set cookies as per their requirement.
Can I control and manage these cookies?

If you are using this Website, you agree that this Website can store Cookies on your device. You can choose to manage the cookies through methods listed below, however since some of these cookies are necessary for proper functioning of this Website, some parts of this Website may not function properly or may be not be available at all.

You can control cookies through your browser settings. Please visit this link for more information as per your specific browser.

Updates to this cookie policy

This Cookie Policy will be updated from time to time by us, the date mentioned above is the latest date of revision. You are advised to check this policy to keep yourself updated on how the cookies of this Website are being used.

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